Variegated Peace Lily

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  • A variegated peace lily It stands out because of its stunning leaf coloring
  • It has striking white spathe surrounding the flowers
  • They can flower twice a year and can be in bloom for long periods of time
  • Different types of variegation can occur, producing various aesthetic effects
  • The most common variegated varieties are several Picasso, domino, platinum mist

Variegated peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) have become an increasingly popular plant. Defined by its striking leaves and single-flower appearance, it stands out from many other common houseplants. It is relatively easy to grow and care for and thus makes it a great choice for people with busy lives.

What is a Variegated Peace Lily?

Variegated Peace Lily

The variegated peace lily is a peace lily whose leaves contain a mutated gene affecting the pigmentation in the leaf. This is caused by the mutation inhibiting the production of chlorophyll. The result is a variegated effect with leaves streaked with white and yellow areas. 


In appearance, a variegated peace lily has strongly defined leaves that there shaped like large hands pointing upwards, with areas of the leaves veined or smeared in white and yellow. When in bloom, it produces a single white bloom on a peduncle in the form of a spathe (a flower that looks like it has been cutaway in profile), revealing the extended spadix containing its tiny flowers.


The single white spathes, floating in a sea of leaves, cause them to look like white flags from where it derives its common name, 'peace lily'. It can bloom anywhere between one to two months from spring and can also, on occasion, rebloom in fall. 

After around three weeks, as the flower goes through its life cycle, it gradually develops a green hue. This green hue indicates an accumulation of chlorophyll which means the spathe can now photosynthesize, and the flower functions in much the same way as its leaves.

The reason the flower turns from white to green and develops the ability to photosynthesize is to provide the variegated peace lily’s developing seed head( its fruit) with energy so it can produce enough seeds for propagation, to give them the best chance of germinating and producing the next generation of plants.


Peace lilies are native to tropical climates and can be grown indoors or outdoors if you have a suitably warm climate. enjoying temperatures of between 60° F and 85° F. The variegated peace lily is a perennial plant that can be grown in full sun or partial shade. It, however doesn't tolerate frost and so if growing outside in a temperate climate should be brought indoors for winter.


It grows best in well-drained soil and prefers a pH of 5.8 to 7.0, though it will grow in acidic soils with pH values as low as 5.5 and up to 7.5 without adverse effects on its growth or health

If growing indoors, most common potting soils will do, as will alternative mediums such as LECA, CoCo peat, perlite, and vermiculite.

Is Variegated Peace Lily Rare?

Peace Lilie is only capable of producing chimeric variegation, which was previously uncommon as it is based on a random, changing mutation.

However, commercial producers have been able to replicate the process using tissue culture allowing for a large increase in the available supply of variegated plants. One of the main drivers of the process is demand, which means that variegated plants tend to command a higher price than plants that lack variegation.

There are several varieties of variegated Peace Lily, with some of the most popular being:


This is generally the most common variety of variegated Peace Lily. The variegation on the Domino's foliage is vibrant and erratic. Thin streaks of white and minty green splay out from the midribs, breaking up the dark green color of the leaves. The wild patterning of the leaves is emphasized by their somewhat distressed look.

The Silver Streak 

The Silver Streak variegation, sometimes referred to as the White Stripe type is distinguished from other varieties by the thin white stream that runs down the middle of each leaf.

Platinum Mist Variety 

Variegated Peace Lily- platinum mist

The Platinum Mist variegated variety has yellow-green veins that are surrounded by a deeper green leaf mass. It gives them a slightly rough appearance, akin to that of a reptile's skin. The cultivar gets its name from a more silvery-gray sheen found in certain examples.

Picasso Variegation

The Picasso variety is marked out by large patches of white occurring on their leaves. These leaves are long and slender and give the plant the appearance of climbing out of the pot, which is another characteristic of this particular cultivar.


Unlike true lilies which contain toxins that can be dangerous for pets, variegated Peace Lilies are not toxic to humans or other animals when ingested. They do though possess calcium oxalate crystals. These are known to cause skin discomfort and a burning sensation in the mouth. This can sometimes result in symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and nausea.

Care and Propagation

Variegated Peace Lily - Care and Propagation

On the whole, variegated Peace Lilies require only moderate care. The most important aspect is light. Although they need moderate light direct sunlight can cause damage to the leaves and cause the flower bloom to turn green much more quickly than it should. The best conditions are a well-lit room but out of direct sunlight.

In terms of propagation, they can't be grown from leaf or stem cutting but either by division at the roots or through seeds. It should be noted that if propagating via seeds, it may take a couple of years for the plant to flower.

Where Can You Buy Variegated Peace Lily

Variegated peace lilies are popular and should be readily available. Many nurseries sell them, and you may even be able to find them in some 'big box' garden or hardware stores.

A further option is to purchase online. Cultivators use platforms such as Etsy and Amazon to widen their customer base. They know to pack and ship, so the plant arrives in good condition. You will probably even find them on eBay, but you might need to be dealing with someone experienced in shipping plants.

Summary: Variegated Peace Lily

The variegated peace lily is a beautiful plant that makes a great addition to any home. It stands out because of its stunning leaf coloring, which is a backdrop to its striking single white spathe surrounding the flowers. They can flower for up to two months and sometimes twice a year.

Several varieties can be obtained, all of which can be grown indoors or outdoors. In addition, it is fairly simple to care for, making it ideal for beginners.

Kim Marson
Kim MarsonGardening Writer

Kim is passionate about helping people create beautiful, healthy indoor spaces that are filled with plants. Kim believes that plants make us happier, healthier human beings, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others so they can experience the joys of plant care for themselves. <a href="">Read more</a>

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