Benefits of Owning a Lipstick Plant

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  • The Lipstick Plant is aesthetically pleasing and offers air-purifying and humidity-enhancing benefits.
  • The low-maintenance plant is ideal for busy homeowners who want to improve their indoor environment.
  • While the plant is generally safe, it's important to keep it out of reach of pets, particularly cats, as it can cause them to be sick.

The benefits of owning a lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans) are many. They have a number of advantageous attributes that make them a worthwhile addition to your indoor plant collection. They are a species that features predominantly vibrant crimson blooms emerging against verdant foliage, creating visual contrast that can aesthetically enhance any space. 

Beyond aesthetics, the lipstick plant provides a number of other advantages, such as air-purifying qualities and humidity benefits, that can promote improved wellness. Its minimal care requirements also make Aeschynanthus radicans an ideal choice for busy plant owners seeking a low-maintenance houseplant. 

For these reasons, the merits of acquiring a lipstick plant deserve consideration by individuals looking to increase the decorative allure and healthful perks of their interior environment. Below, we will look in more detail as to why this visually striking plant's beauty, versatility, and ease of care make it a potentially prudent investment for the home.

The Environmental and Wellness Benefits of Caring for Lipstick Plants

The Environmental and Wellness Benefits of Caring for Lipstick Plants

Aeschynanthus radicans, commonly known as the lipstick plant, is a species of flowering plant that offers a variety of environmental and wellness benefits to those who care for it in their home. Studies have shown that having indoor plants can improve air quality, increase humidity levels, and reduce stress - all of which can positively impact one's overall health. 

Lipstick Plant's Ability to Purify the Air

One of the primary advantages of the lipstick plant is its ability to purify the air by absorbing toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene1. These pollutants are unfortunately common in modern households due to the off-gassing of furniture, cleaning solutions, and building materials. By metabolizing these toxins, the lipstick plant creates a healthier indoor environment with cleaner, fresher air. This can be especially beneficial for those with respiratory issues like asthma.


Lipstick plants possess natural mechanisms that enable them to degrade waste and reduce pollution through bioremediation1. This means that they can help break down and remove toxins from the environment, contributing to a cleaner and healthier indoor space.

Lipstick Plant Releases Moisture Into the Air

In addition, the lipstick plant releases moisture into the air through transpiration. This increases indoor humidity levels, which helps lubricate airways and prevents dryness that can lead to sore throats, stuffy noses, and coughing. Proper humidity created by houseplants like the lipstick plant allows for easier breathing and less irritation.

Improved Indoor Environment

In addition to moisture release, studies have shown that indoor plants, including lipstick plants, can have positive impacts on the physical indoor environment. They can help regulate air temperature and relative humidity, creating a more comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.2

General Mood Improvements

Caring for the lipstick plant can also have positive psychological effects. The vibrant red leaves and lush tropical appearance have a calming impact that can lower stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that having indoor plants boosts mood, productivity, and overall mental well-being.

The simple act of tending to the plant can be therapeutic. Furthermore, the presence of plants has been associated with improved concentration ability, work efficiency, job satisfaction, mental health, stress reduction, and overall sense of well-being.2

With its unique foliage and air-purifying abilities, the lipstick plant is an excellent choice for improving general wellness and quality of life indoors. Its lush leaves not only create a visually pleasing accent but also generate fresher air to breathe and a more tranquil environment. For those looking to enhance their well-being, Aeschynanthus radicans is a worthwhile investment.

One thing to be wary of is if you have pets, particularly cats. Cats love to chew plants, and although the Lipstick plant is not classed as toxic, it can cause them to be sick. So be watchful and perhaps try to keep them out of the reach of your cat; terrariums are a great option as they look great and because cats are great climbers cats.

Aesthetic Benefits of Owning a Lipstick Plant

Aesthetic Benefits of Owning a Lipstick Plant

The lipstick plant is known for its beautiful and unique appearance. This distinctive foliage can enhance the aesthetics of any interior space. 

The most notable features of the lipstick plant are its tubular red blooms that emerge from lush green leaves or variegated leaves of a Black Pagoda lipstick plant variety. The striking crimson flowers resemble vintage lipstick tubes, which gives the plant its common moniker. The color contrast between the vibrant blooms and verdant leaves makes a bold visual statement. 

When in bloom, the lipstick plant adds a pop of lively pigment to any room. The red blossoms stand out against the backdrop of green. This dash of dynamic color can instantly increase the visual appeal of the surrounding décor. 

In addition to its colorful flowers, the lipstick plant offers versatility in terms of display. The lengthy stalks allow for hanging the plant to highlight its cascading shape. It can also be placed on shelves or desks to draw the eye to the plant's upright form. Wherever it is positioned, the lipstick plant is sure to enhance the aesthetic ambiance.

Improving Room Aesthetics

Strategically placing the lipstick plant in an interior design scheme can help pull together a cohesive aesthetic. For example, situating the red blooms against a crisp white wall makes the lively flowers pop. The green leaves also coordinate well with blue, gray, and brown hues, allowing the plant to complement or accent different color palettes.

In terms of placement, the lipstick plant's lengthy cascading stems allow for hanging near a window where sunlight can saturate its leaves and flowers. The plant's height and upward-reaching shape also make it ideal for display atop shelves, mantles, or desks. You can encourage the Lipstick plant to climb in a structured manner to achieve the aesthetic you are looking for. Situated prominently in this manner, the plant becomes an eye-catching focal point.

Combining Different Lipstick Plant Varieties in Interior Design

how lipstick plants can be used for design

Beyond the classic red-flowered type, there are numerous lipstick plant cultivars that offer expanded decorative possibilities. Lipstick plant varieties such as the ‘Orange Lipstick Plant’ have coral-peach blooms that provide a softer, warmer color pop. The Thai Pink Lipstick plant bears hot pink flowers for a bolder punch of color. 

Combining different lipstick plant varieties together opens up more intriguing design options. For example, pairing the red and pink varieties creates a dynamic and high-contrast statement. Mixing the orange and pink cultivars produces a complementary palette with visual interest. 

The diverse size and growth habits of the varieties also allow for creative arrangements. The more compact ‘Mona Lisa’ can be situated alongside the trailing ‘Red flowers’ for an eclectic look. The orderly, upright growth of the ‘Pink Polka’ makes a nice counterpoint to the wild, cascading shape of the ‘Orange Lipstick Plant' (Aeschynanthus xsplendidus)

No matter which cultivars are selected, the lipstick plant's multitude of flower colors and shapes enable further customization of the aesthetic possibilities or where it is positioned, the lipstick plant's vibrant blossoms are sure to enhance the visual appeal of the surrounding space.

The red blooms provide a lively color pop, and texture that brings energy and flair to any décor. The versatility of this plant makes it a fantastic decorative choice for instantly increasing the aesthetic allure of any interior when it is in bloom. Its unique flowers and foliage create an appealing contrast that brightens up both traditional and modern environments.

A Plant for All Decors

Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant - A Plant for All Decors

Thus. for those looking to increase the visual allure of their interior design, whether a minimalist or traditional design, the lipstick plant is an excellent choice. This unique and vibrant plant will infuse any space with flair when it is in bloom, with red flowers offering a burst of dramatic color against the green foliage.

Regardless of going for bold contrasts, subtle complements, eclectic mixes, or orderly displays, the diverse lipstick plant selections available allow for endless creativity. Paired with the plant's adaptability to be hung or displayed upright, the lipstick plant is a wonderful way to boost the beauty of any décor scheme.

Enhancing Home Design Using a Terrarium to Grow Your Lipstick Plant

A terrarium is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home design. These miniature gardens, often housed in glass terrariums, provide a unique and visually appealing element to any room. One plant that thrives in a terrarium environment is the lipstick plant.

The lipstick plant, with its vibrant red flowers and trailing vines, is a perfect addition to any lipstick plant terrarium. Not only does it add a pop of color, but it also helps to purify the air in your home.

Here are some ways you can use a terrarium with lipstick plants to enhance your interior design:

  • Create a focal point: A terrarium filled with lush green foliage and bright red lipstick plant flowers can serve as an eye-catching centerpiece in any room. Place it on a coffee table or shelf where it can be easily seen and admired.
  • Add natural beauty: A terrarium with lipstick plants adds natural beauty to your home. The vibrant green leaves and colorful flowers bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a calming and serene atmosphere.
  • Incorporate into existing design: A terrarium with lipstick plants can easily be incorporated into your existing home design. Choose a container that complements your decor and place it in an area that receives bright, indirect light.
Ways to Enhance Interior DesignDescription
Create a focal pointUse a terrarium as an eye-catching centerpiece
Add natural beautyBring the outdoors inside with vibrant green leaves and colorful flowers
Incorporate into existing designChoose a container that complements your decor

There is no doubt that using a terrarium to grow your lipstick plant is an excellent way to enhance your home design. Not only does it add natural beauty, but it also serves as a unique and visually appealing element in any room.

Easy Care and Maintenance

The lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans) is relatively easy to care for and maintain. This species can thrive in various lighting conditions, from bright indirect light to lower light environments, displaying adaptability to different sites. The recommended watering schedule is approximately once or twice per week, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings partially. 

Drooping leaves indicate under-watering. Fertilization can be performed monthly using a diluted liquid fertilizer. Overall, the lipstick plant is resilient and can tolerate occasional irregular watering or fertilizing mistakes as well as changes in lighting. Its ability to prosper with minimal care makes this a low-maintenance houseplant suitable for busy indoor gardeners.

Final Thoughts: Benefits of Owning a Lipstick Plant

In summary, the unique aesthetics, air-purifying attributes, and undemanding cultivation requirements of the lipstick plant make it an advisable option for indoor spaces. The predominantly vibrant red blooms provide decorative enhancement that can increase the visual appeal of any interior design scheme.

Additionally, the lipstick plant improves air quality and humidity levels, generating a healthier home environment. The plant's resilience and adaptability also render it one of the more facile houseplants to care for. For individuals seeking to add visual intrigue and wellness benefits to their home in a low-maintenance manner, the lipstick plant offers an optimal solution. Considering the merits outlined, Aeschynanthus radicans proves to be a prudent choice that feasibly provides multifaceted value.

Commonly Asked Questions

Benefits of Owning a Lipstick Plant

What are the dimensions of a mature lipstick plant?

A fully grown lipstick plant generally reaches heights of 3-6 feet with a cascading spread of up to 3 feet wide. The lengthy dangling stems feature oval-shaped leaves approximately 2-4 inches in length. 

What are the optimal lighting conditions? 

The lipstick plant is adaptable to various indoor lighting environments. It thrives in bright, indirect light but also tolerates lower light areas. Direct hot sunlight should be avoided.

How often does the lipstick plant bloom? 

When conditions are ideal, the lipstick plant can bloom nearly year-round. The tubular flower spikes emerge from the leaf axils. Each red bloom generally lasts 2-3 weeks before fading. Deadheading spent flowers promotes continued blooming.

What temperature range is best?

Average household temperatures between 65-80°F are suitable. Avoid excessive cold drafts. During the winter, consider providing ambient warmth from a heating source if temperatures drop below 60°F.

Does this plant prefer to be rootbound?

The lipstick plant generally prefers to be somewhat rootbound or potbound before repotting. Allow the roots to fill out the container and become crowded for optimal growth. Repot every 2-3 years in spring using well-draining soil. 

What humidity level does the lipstick plant require?

This tropical plant thrives in average to high household humidity levels of 40-60% or greater. Place on pebble trays with water or use a humidifier to supplement moisture in the air if needed.



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